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ACH Processing: Facts and Statistics

ACH Processing Facts

  • The ACH Network is a batch processing system that makes it possible for financial institutions to accumulate transactions throughout the day before sending them in batches for processing;
  • ACH payments differ from traditional paper-based checks as they’re transmitted electronically, resulting in lower costs and faster processing times;
  • Two types of transactions can be processed through the ACH Network. These transaction types are Direct Payments and Direct Deposits;
  • Direct Payment through the ACH networks is when funds are taking from a bank account in order to make a payment. Organizations and individuals can both make Direct payments through the network, either as ACH debit or ACH credit payments.
  • Direct Payments that are processed as ACH credits work by pushing funds into a bank account. Direct Payments that are processed as ACH credits work by pushing funds into a bank account. An examples of Direct Payment Credit is payroll payments.
  • Direct ACH payments are processed as ACH debits, pulling funds from a bank account. Examples of such payments would include recurring payments setup by customers, such as in the case of monthly bill payments such as loans, mortgages and utility bills;
  • ACH credit and debit transactions are processed quickly, with funds typically being transferred and settled the very next business day;
  • NACHA’s operating rules require that ACH credits are settled within 1-2 business days of being submitting for processing, whilst ACH debits are required to settle the very next day. NACHA have also recently enhanced their operating rules to enable same-day settlement for most ACH transactions.

ACH Processing Statistics

  • The total transaction volume of the ACH Network grew up to 23 billion in 2014, a 5% increase on 2013
  • The total dollar value of transactions on the ACH Network surpassed $40 trillion in 2014, a 3% increase on 2013
  • B2B transactions on the ACH network in 2014 increased 7.3%
  • Almost half of all ACH Network transactions are recurring payments, a type of transaction that grew 4.4% in 2014

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